Windows and Selling your Home

Windows and Selling your Home copy

If you are ready to sell your home, but wonder if new windows will make it sell faster, there are a few things to think about. Whether you are a buyer or seller, windows seem to play a big role in sealing a deal. With Royal Canadian Realty, our agents can help you find a home that suits you, and if new windows are on your list, we can help. Let’s take a look at how windows affect buying and selling a house.

Should You Replace Before Selling?

A priority for 89% of home buyers is searching for a home with good windows. New windows not only improve the look, or ‘curb appeal’ of a home, they also show the home has been well-maintained. Replacing windows will also improve energy efficiency, which will also sell a home.

There are factors that affect the value of replacing windows before selling. 

Speed/Timing of sale: replacing windows is a lot of work. It involves dealing with contractors, phone calls, scheduling, and even weather. If services or materials are behind, getting the windows done could take months. This could slow down the selling process and make extra costs for a home you want to sell quickly.  

Type of Market: If the demand for houses is high, but supply is low, it’s a seller’s market and buyers will tend to buy what is in their price range even without new windows. This will also cause sellers to get low returns on their window investment. 

State of the House: If the home needs serious renovations, updating, and an old roof, as well as having poor maintenance, dated fixtures, and appearance, sellers usually look for easier and cheaper ways to make their house more appealing to buyers.

What to Look with Windows when Buying

If the house you want to sell has drafts, or your energy bills are high, you should think about checking your windows. If the windows are warping, or you can see rot, if the windows are sticky but you haven’t painted over them (a sign of warping), or there is condensation or moisture between the panes, new windows may be the answer.

Windows that are 10 to 15 years old could just need a visit from a repairman to fix the issue, but if the windows are over 15 years old and you are having the issues stated above, it is time to get new windows. 

You can see a 10 to 15% credit increase in your homeowners' insurance. This would be for “wind protection upgrades.” 

When looking for energy-efficient windows to replace the original ones, you will want to look for windows that have:

Argon gas

Low-E gas

Double panes

Although expensive, these characteristics will get the best returns on your new windows investment.

If windows are high on the list of features for your new home, don’t worry. Royal Canadian Realty agents will help you find the house of your dreams. If you are wondering if new windows will help you sell your house, Royal Canadian Realty can help you there as well. We are here to guide you on your buying and selling journey, contact us today.