What you need to know to buy land to build

What you need to know to buy land to build

Have you always wanted to build your own home? When you have the chance to build your very own dream house, you still need to have help from a trusted Realty. At Royal Canadian Realty, our agents do so much more than just send you listings of houses. Our dedicated agents can also help you find the perfect property to build your dream house. There is much more than just picking a lot of land and choosing a house design. Let's take a look at some things you need to keep in mind when buying a piece of land.

When Deciding to Buy Property

Choose the right builder: Look for a builder who has experience in the type of building you want. Speak to the builder and see if you get along and if the builder has the ability to do the job. You will want to make sure you can trust the builder to guide you through the home building process from land to home. It is highly recommended to have a builder involved from the early stages so you can have an efficient and well-designed home. Builders will know where money can be saved and where money should be spent for the best home possible.

Know your Zone Bylaws: It is important to know the zoning bylaws of the land you are buying. You want to make sure you can actually build what you want to build, on that land. Zoning bylaws dictate how the land can be used, what buildings or structures can be built, how those buildings can be used, and tell you the parking requirements, building heights, setbacks, lot dimensions, and sizes. You will need to get clearance for
building construction.

Choose the best property: Try to find a location that suits your lifestyle. If you want to build a walk-out basement, you will want to see if the property can be set up for that. Look at the property to see if you will need to remove trees or grade land. Know where the water table is on your land before you start digging. You’ll be able to avoid a wet basement and other problems by knowing things like this. You can manage wetland, but it is important to find out before you start building.

Choose the best building site: You want to know before you start building, how much work it will take to clear the desired building site. Make sure you have space to put a driveway. You should see how close you are to amenities, neighbours, surrounding lots, gas, power, internet. Whether you are building commercial or residential will also help you decide your building site.

As you can see, choosing land to build a home doesn't need to be difficult if you keep the above points in mind. Remember to use your trusted realty, like Royal Canadian Realty, to make the land shopping experience enjoyable. A realtor can also give you contacts for land specialists and builders whose work can be guaranteed.