What to Know When Buying a Country Home

What to Know When Buying a Country Home copy

When you think about buying a home in the country, do you think about a house already built or building your own? At one point in our lives, most people think about having a quiet getaway in the country. Royal Canadian Realty can help you make those dreams become reality. What should you know before buying a house in the country? Let’s find out.

Learn about the area: It would be a good idea to research the property’s accessibility to towns, hospitals, schools, and grocery stores, as well as police or fire stations. Getting to know local customs and traditions will help you settle faster. If you visit the area before you move, you can get to know what the weather in different seasons is like by asking residents or people who have been there. Royal Canadian Realty agents can help you get this information.

Note what is included in the sale: See what structures, features, and buildings are on the property. Make sure you have a contract that lists everything that is included in the sale. The contract should include equipment, buildings, benches, and bridges among many other things. You will want to find out if there are any farming or hunting leases, or if people are allowed access to the land for camping or hunting. 

Think about what it will cost to maintain: Costs will vary depending on the size of the house, land, buildings, equipment, and the condition of each of those things. You may want to hire someone to take care of waste and lawn management. Many of us will want to renovate and update our rural homes to make them our own. You will have to plan for these costs to make sure you can afford them.

Look into utilities: You will want to see what type of water well, and septic system the property has or will have to have put in. There are several ways you can get your water. Check what type of power supply is available and what heating systems the area has. 

Zoning: Another thing to keep in mind are Zoning laws which allow the land you buy to be used for certain things. It decides what structures are allowed, animals if any, who will maintain the road, driveway, or laneway, and also fences. Remember to contact your local zoning authority.

Know what you want: As with looking at any type of house, making a list of what you want and what you need will help tremendously. Agents with Royal Canadian Realty can help you keep on track. The list will also keep you focused and in your price range. Know what kind of country home you want, a farm, private land, in a wooded area, or something else. You should also decide if you want to use it for a vacation home, a farm, a regular residence and if you want to have a large or small amount of land. 

There are many more things to learn about when you buy a house in the country, or rural, area. Royal Canadian Realty can help you find what you want, and answer your questions as you enjoy your home buying experience.