What Should Realtors ask you when showing a home

What Should Realtors ask you when showing a home copy

When buying a home, you will obviously have questions for your real estate agent. Did you know, your agent has questions to ask you too? Working with an agency like Royal Canadian Realty will ensure you have your questions answered professionally, and you can also expect your agent to ask you important questions as well. What are some of these questions your agent should ask? Let’s take a look at a few.

Are you working with a lender?

This question is an easy way to open the conversation to the financial side of buying a home. The agent can recommend a lender if one has not been found yet, and begin the process of getting the buyer pre-approved if necessary. This will actually save both buyer and agent time and money once they both know the budget.

What are your needs, wants, and desires?

Often buyers will come with a long list of wants for their dream home. The agent will sometimes have to confirm what is wanted with what is needed and offer solutions to buyers who may have to make compromises on certain things. Make sure you know what you need and what you want so you can clearly communicate with the real estate agent.

What are your deal breakers?

You should be asked what would cause you to refuse a deal. To avoid wasting time, energy, and money, clearly layout any non-negotiable things that will prevent you from buying a home. The agent doesn’t want to bring you to houses you have no interest in. Before house shopping, discuss the list of wants and needs with your agent and clarify what you must have, as well as things you will comprise. There can be an issue with being too set on what you want, and also with not knowing what you want. Be clear with your agent.

Are you planning to stay for the long term or use the home as an investment property?

Everyone has a personal plan and agenda for every house bought. Make sure you give the agent a clear answer on whether you are buying this home for the long-term, or as an investment property. By giving the agent this information, he or she can guide you to appropriate houses for your home-buying plans.

What is an acceptable maximum monthly payment for you?

Getting pre-approved is always a good idea because it gives you a budget, but it doesn’t mean you will be able to make monthly payments for a certain house. If your agent asks you this question, the agent is just assessing if you, the buyer, will be able to handle the monthly payments for the house you are interested in. Knowing this information will once again save time, energy, and money for all involved.

So, when your agent asks you these questions, you can relax knowing the reasons why you are being asked. With Royal Canadian Realty, you will experience well-trained, caring agents who know their job and will only give you the best service possible. Contact us today.