What are Real Estate Agent Responsibilities

What are Real Estate Agent Responsibilities copy

Professional and helpful, real estate agents seem to find a buyer or seller for a home with ease. They often work for a solid realty like Royal Canadian Realty, which gives them support and experience as the agents continue to grow and learn. One of the greatest responsibilities of an agent is to get quality training for their position. Do you really need special training to be a real estate agent? Let’s look at the responsibilities an agent actually has, and you will see why they need training, guidance, and experience for their job.


Areal estate agent, like those from Royal Canadian Realty, have many responsibilities to themselves and their clients. Agents not only assist buyers and sellers with marketing and purchasing, but they also provide guidance based on experience and knowledge. Real estate agents use their training to develop market analysis to properly find a home’s value. They help find the right prices with good terms for sellers and buyers by getting to know the clients and learning what the needs are. Agents must be able to determine and find solutions to, a client’s financial need. During the whole process, agents are consultants and the go-between for negotiations between the seller and buyer.


Besides the fun of dealing with clients, there are other things an agent must be able
to handle. There is ongoing training and learning to stay up to date on the market and real estate practices. Advertisements, listings, and open houses have to be promoted, as well as being maintained and updated. Real estate agents need to develop and maintain networks and cooperation with companies, lenders, inspector appraisers, attorneys, and contractors.

In the Office

Back in the office, a real estate agent will be busy doing administrative duties, such as answering phone calls, emails, and texts from various clients. Listings will be updated, appointments and showings will be scheduled by the agents, and it may surprise you, but agents need to order supplies and deliver documents too. Agents need to search open listings to find the right properties for their clients. Besides selling homes and helping clients buy a house, agents have marketing to take care of. They have to manage their social media channels, as this is part of their networking with clients and businesses. Agents have to design advertising campaigns and put those into action, which often includes a website and possibly a blog. Promotional material needs to be designed and distributed.

As you can see, a real estate agent does more than just sell houses. They have to have marketing, research, and administrative skills, as well as people skills. When you deal with agents from a reputable realty such as Royal Canadian Realty, you will experience world-class treatment from those professionals trained to help you find or sell your home.