What are listings in Real Estate

What are listings in Real Estate copy

The time has come to sell your home. At Royal Canadian Realty, we understand the importance of finding the right agent who can list the house to show it at its best. One part of selling your house is getting the best listing possible. Save yourself time, energy, and money by having an experienced real estate agent handle the listing of your home.

What Is a Listing, and What Does It Mean?

When we decide to sell a house, usually, we call the advertisement of the house the
“listing.” Actually, the listing refers to an agreement between the agent and the seller regarding the property’s marketing. This type of agreement includes how long the listing period will be, the asking price, exceptions to the commission, and the distribution of the commission amount between the listing and selling broker. A listing gives the real estate agent the right to handle the work of the sale of the house or property.

What Do Listings Include?

A good listing will have all the important information needed to know for all the
buildings or land that are to be listed for sale. You will want to see quality photos of the property, as well as inside the house. Be sure the house is described appropriately, and remember that punctuation and adjectives make a difference to both the seller and the buyer. Any unique features of the home should be addressed, but basic information can be left out. Be careful which words you use, such as “fixer-upper,” as those types of words make people think the house needs a lot of work, or there is a lot of room for negotiation.

Steps to Listing a House

Calling your real estate agent, like the ones at Royal Canadian Realty, should be one of the first things you do when you are ready to sell your house. Having an agent will help prevent any selling mistakes from the very beginning. Agents have experience, advice, and a talent for making listings. Discuss your preferences for communication and any expectations you have. Have your agent walk through your home with you, as this will help you decide how to prepare your home to sell. The agent will be able to tell you what will help sell the home easier, and though you may not always agree, remember the agent is speaking from experience and training. A real estate agent can also help you come to an appropriate asking price for your home. The agent will look at comparable homes that have sold in the area, those on the market, and other pending sales.

Once all these steps are taken, your real estate agent can get on to listing your house. As you can see, contacting a realty such as Royal Canadian Realty can easily and professionally help you list your home. They can make your home selling and buying experience more enjoyable and stress-free through a quality real estate listing. Let Royal Canadian Realty help you on your real estate journey today.