The Importance of bathroom when selling a house

The Importance of bathroom when selling a house copy

When you are looking at a house, which room is the most important to you? Is it the kitchen?


What about the bathroom? How important are bathrooms when selling a house? At Royal Canadian Realty, our agents can explain the importance of a top-notch bathroom, and how to set up your bathroom to make it desirable to potential buyers.

About Bathrooms A full bathroom, which includes a shower, sink, and toilet, can increase home value by almost 6% (5.7). Even though bathrooms can increase home value, major renovations of this room don’t tend to create a large return on investments. Minor renovations, however, often have a better result. So take a breath, gutting a bathroom may not be needed. You may simply need to replace a toilet seat, fix any leaks, running toilet, and change fixtures. Bathrooms and kitchens get the most scrutiny from home buyers. This is because the bathroom is a high-traffic area and is seen by homeowners and visitors alike. Real Estate agents can give you tips to improve your bathroom before you sell your home, and how to stage the room to make it shine. Tips Get rid of clutter. Remove any personal belongings so the bathroom has a neutral, open feel to it. It will be easier to clean as well.

Deep clean the bathroom: Bathrooms always become dirty quickly. Before selling, you will want to do a deep clean. This will remove limescale, mildew, soap scum, and other stains. You may even have to scrub the grout to remove mold. Remember to clean the mirrors too. There are many products on the market today that will help you get the cleanliness you want.

Create space: Even a small bathroom can look bigger if you do a few types of illusion. Mirrors can be used on one side of the room, making the space seem to double in size. A neutral colour of paint can also make the bathroom seem larger.

Make it bright: Dim lighting will make any room seem unappealing and often makes surfaces look dirty. Use new and appropriate light fixtures to accent the bathroom's best features. A bright room is welcoming and has a sense of energy.

Replace what’s needed: Look over the bathroom and make the needed repairs. Check plumbing, faucets, vents, cupboards, and drawers for leaks, peeling, missing sealant, or to update. Make
sure toilet paper rolls are replaced, showerheads, sink taps, and towel racks are working, updated, and efficient. Check for chips on sinks and tubs, and resurface or repair as needed.

Create storage space: Storage space can be a make or break a sale. Buyers all want to have ample room to put towels and toiletries. Add shelves or other types of storage to provide opportunities for the potential buyers.

How to Stage a Bathroom to Sell a House

Here are some suggestions on how to stage your bathroom.

Get a new mat.

Add fresh flowers to a vase.

Organize your shelves.

Use a bold shower curtain.

When it is time to sell your house, make sure you contact a realtor you can trust, like Royal
Canadian Realty. Let us guide you throught the process of selling and the excitement of buying your new home.