Spring clean before you sell

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Spring is coming and you may be thinking about selling your home. With Realties like Royal Canadian Realty, you can get much-needed guidance to prepare your home for the market and have a successful sale. Some of that guidance is how to make your home appealing to buyers, and that includes the way you clean your home.

It is recommended to do a deep clean of your house before putting your house up
for sale. This will get rid of any bad smells, dusty surfaces, or dirty, stained floors. Even after your house is on the market, make sure you continue to keep your house clean.

Here are some places you should make sure are clean before you sell:

House shopping in another city is not as difficult as you may think, thanks to realtor sites online. By entering postal codes or cities, you can customize your search for the city to which you wish to move. You can find current listings online, and find neighbourhood profile guides. You will be able to see house prices and find out more about the neighbourhood before you even step foot in the city.

Clean windows and mirrors: It is amazing what a difference a clean window and mirror can make. Remember to wipe down the sills as well. If you have blinds, take the time to wipe them free of dust.

Clean all floors: All floors should be cleaned before and during selling your home. Sweep, vacuum, and wash all floors, baseboards, and trim. Carpet, tile, and hardwood floors will look brand new with a little loving care.

Clean sinks, toilets, showers, and tubs: get rid of as much stain, residue, and dirt as you can, especially out of the grout. Scrub sinks, faucets, and toilet bowls (lift the seat and wipe down the outside of the toilet.)

Clean cupboards and cabinets: Remove all rodent and insect traps, crumbs, sticky substances, and all air fresheners. Wipe down the entire inside of the cupboards and cabinets.

Clean ceiling fans: Everyone who has had a ceiling fan knows how dirty they can become. Wipe down every ceiling fan and make sure you get the top and bottom. This is one of those things a buyer is guaranteed to notice.

Clean doors and doorways: Clean all the fingerprints and smudge marks in doorways. Doors are often overlooked when housecleaning is done, so make sure to wipe down all the doors in the house. This will remove dirt and grime, adding sparkle to the house.

Take out all nails from the walls and fill holes: Remove all nails and fixtures from the walls throughout the house. This includes TV mounts, towel and hat racks, clocks, painting, and furniture anchors. Once the nails are removed, fill in the leftover holes so
the walls have a fresh, new look. When the holes are filled in, repaint the patched area. Also, this is a good time to repaint any scratches, chips, or worn spots on the walls.

Once you sell your house, you should leave it in “broom-clean condition.” This expression
means you should sweep the floors, clear out your refrigerator and throw out leftover food, empty cabinets shelves. You should also throw away all garbage that is left.

If you are selling your home in the Spring, you don't have to do it all alone. Contact Royal Canadian Realty, who can help you sell your home with friendly advice and guidance.