Selling a Home in Winter – Tips

selling home in winter

The opportunity to sell your house may come at any time, even in the winter. Is there any way you can help your agent sell your house when the snowflakes fall? When you have Real Estate Agents from a Realty like Royal Canadian Realty, you will get the guidance and support you need to successfully sell your home. Here are some helpful tips for you to try when selling your house in the winter.

A Few Helpful Tips

Importance of Lights: Make your house bright with natural and artificial lights. If you have blinds, shutters, or drapes, pull them back so visitors can see in and out. All lights, including closet lights and appliance lights, should be turned on. Spotlights can help brighten up the home and yard as well, especially if they are placed behind furniture.

Shovel the Walkways: No one appreciates struggling through the snow to get to a viewing. Keep all paths and walkways shoveled, even if you have to go out and shovel while it is still snowing.  Snowdrifts can be dangerous as they hide steps and uneven ground. Even an innocent footprint can become unwelcome ice if left in low temperatures. Make sure you add a little salt to the walkways after you shovel, including any path from the driveway or sidewalk.  

Do the Odd Jobs: Even if it is snowing outside, these odd jobs can help your agent show your house easily. Clean and empty your trash bins, and sweep down the cobwebs inside and outside the house. Dust light fixtures, furniture, shelves, and fan blades. You may be surprised, but cleaning your refrigerator, and polishing chrome fixtures and mirrors will also help. Vacuuming, sweeping, washing, and polishing floors will also brighten up your home. There is one more thing, get rid of clutter.

Make sure the house is Warm: The temperature inside your house needs to be comfortable, especially if it is snowing outside. It helps the potential buyers want to stay inside your house longer. Try not to make the house too hot, but enough to keep your pipes from freezing if the weather is very cold.  An idea is to increase the temperature by one or two degrees before the showing. If you have a fireplace, make sure to have it working, and if it is a real fireplace, make sure it has a screen and is not unattended for too long.

Create a Warm Mood with Easy: Have your potential buyers fall in love with the home because it has h such a nice atmosphere. In the winter months, you especially want a warm mood that invites people to stay. Some ideas for creating such a mood are by putting quilts, afghans, or throws on the arms of your couch or sofa, set your dining room table for two, with candles. A breakfast tray on the bed with a cup and saucer and napkin can give a warm, cozy feeling.

With the agents from Royal Canadian Realty, you can be guaranteed to have the guidance and help needed to sell your house, even in the snow. Let us help you today.