Moving from an Apartment to a House

Moving from apartment to a house copy

Are you wanting to move from an apartment to a house? Are you wondering if you will be able to make that step? Moving from an apartment to your very own house is one of life’s greatest adventures. There are similarities to living in an apartment and house, but there are also so many more things to know about owning a house. With Royal Canadian Realty, our agents can help make the step from moving from an apartment to the house of your dreams simple, enjoyable and stress-free. 

This is a lifestyle change, and here is some information to help you prepare for the change

Costs: there are a variety of costs associated when buying a house, and not just the initial costs of moving. Besides having a mortgage, you will need to be ready to pay home insurance, maintenance costs and property taxes. You may notice your gas, water and electricity bills will be a big higher, since you will have more space to cool, heat or even water. You will possibly need more furnishings, tools, décor, and appliances for your house, as it will be bigger than your apartment. If you have a yard, you will need to provide care for it, resulting in the need to buy products and equipment to care for it. There will be the need for professionals like plumbers, electricians and other repair workers to come from time to time.

Space: It may surprise you how the increased space of a house can affect how you live. If you have a growing family, the increased space can be a breath of fresh air. A growing family will have space to grow. This commonly means more rooms to clean and maintain. You may need more than just one bathroom for your family or lifestyle. The kitchen will have to be big enough to handle family dinners and extended family gatherings. You may even need room for an office, and garages are always nice to keep your car out of the elements and store family supplies. You may want a basement for storage or even another room for hobbies. A house will offer a more private backyard in most cases, where you will be able to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. It all takes planning to prepare how you want to use this new space. You can create a new living space. 

Maintenance: Once you buy a house, you will be faced with different types of repairs and maintenance. You will now be responsible for outdoor maintenance, like mowing the lawn, trimming trees, cleaning eaves troughs and watering gardens. Shoveling snow is a seasonal chore you will need to do as well, unless you hire someone to do it. Pest control can be considered a type of maintenance as well. Some maintenance is preventive, such as changing filters, inspecting roof, plumbing and electrical systems. This can save you money down the road. Repairs will be your responsibility once you own a home, so you will have to find a solution to the problem. Just like in an apartment, you may simply need to pick up the phone. When you are a house owner though, you have more choices.

Plan to have a home inspection before you move into the new house. It is usually required by law, but will also let you know what to expect and plan for if anything is needed.

All of the changes are worth owning a home. Besides building equity, you are also building a future home Don’t let your worries of the future stop your house-owning dreams. Our agents are here to guide you from renting an apartment to owning a house. This is something to be proud of and Royal Canadian Realty will be with you each step of the way.