Landscape Tips to Increase Curb Appeal

Landscape Tips to Increase Curb Appeal copy

The first thing people see when they are house shopping is the house, right? Not always. The yard, garden, and landscaping all catch a potential buyer's eye. Are you wondering if your house has curb appeal? Are you wondering if there are ways to increase it? Do you need a few tips?

With Royal Canadian Realty agents, you will have a wonderful experience selling or buying a home. They will guide you on the journey of house buying or selling, as well as how to set up your landscaping to get the most curb appeal possible. 

Landscaping Tips

Here are some landscaping tips to help increase your home’s curb appeal.

You need to look at the size and shape of your house, rather than the size and shape of your lawn or garden. If the house design is more like a country-style, you will want to develop a cottage-type landscape. A new, modern-style, house would do better with a minimalist garden set up. If you have a house that has a flat front and is large, you will do best with  shrubs of different sizes, and groupings, rather than with little flowers. 

Sidewalks and paths matter. Flowers lining a sidewalk have a wonderful appeal, and they should be coupled with the appropriate sized flower bed. Benches in gardens always look good, and the bench can be accented with flowers. Pathways are incredibly important, so be creative and make an interesting and pleasing pathway to the door. Flowers, lights, plants and shrubs can all be used to add appeal. 

Landscaping to increase curb appeal includes choosing the right flower colours for your home. You don’t have to find flowers to match your house exactly, but you will need to find flowers with colours that compliment or are coordinated with the house. For example, if you have a blue house, you should pick flowers of pink, white, purple, and yellow colours. 

Shapes and groupings of plants and shrubs will draw wanted attention from potential buyers to your home. It is important you make sure you don’t block any doors, windows, or walkways with plants or shrubs. Keep the plants low maintenance. Remember, as a seller, you don’t want to have to spend all your free time taking care of the garden. Buyers don’t usually have  the time to take care of an extravagant garden either. 

The last tip is short and sweet. Throughout the seasons, your garden and landscaping should look inviting and interesting. Do your research and find plants and shrubs, as well as designs to use to keep curb appeal interesting all year long. 

Landscaping can increase curb appeal on any house, leading to sale. The agents at Royal Canadian Realty are trained and experienced to help you find the house that suits you best, and that includes landscaping and yards. Let us help you with planning your curb appeal today. Contact Royal Canadian Realty and discuss what our company has to offer you today. No matter the season, we are here for you.