How to Write a Winning Listing

How to Write a Winning Listing copy

When it’s time to sell your home, you will have to help write a listing to describe your home’s features and benefits. This is the time to make your home sound as wonderful as the time you lived there. This will include involving an agent who cares. Royal Canadian Realty agents are professionals who know how to write a listing that will sell your home. Let’s take a look at what you need to include, and exclude to have a winning listing.

What Should You Include?

Engaging headline, opening statement, detailed description and call to action: An opening statement should engage readers and encourage them to keep reading. It should answer questions, so include features buyers would love. A short and descriptive headline will catch buyers’ attention. Focus on details that are specific to your location. Proof read for spelling and grammar mistakes, and don’t feel silly for asking someone to look over your listing. 

Mention warranties, credits, financing, and flexible closing dates: These are like little promotions or incentives. Tell your potential buyers of any warranties that come with the house. Let potential home buyers know if you are accommodating with closing dates. This will make your home more attractive to buyers with a schedule. A call to action tells the potential buyer what should be done next, such as, View now before it’s gone.

Use appropriate words: The following words are known to help sell a home: Luxurious, captivating, landscaped, remodel, tile, upgraded, updated, impeccable, beautiful, and gentle.

What Should You Exclude or Reword?

Avoid words like: Fixer (Unless you are selling the house as a fixer upper, avoid this word), TLC, cosmetic, investment, investor, potential, bargain, opportunity and nice.

Put a positive spin on negative features: instead of saying, “a small bedroom,” call it an office. Or if you don’t have a yard, say your property is “low maintenance.” Be creative and humorous, as not all houses are perfect.

Avoid jargon and using caps or exclamation marks: An average home-buyer won’t understand real estate jargon and may get confused or frustrated. Also, home-buyers shouldn’t feel like you are yelling at them, so avoid using caps and exclamation marks to avoid putting the buyer into this situation. 

Try to keep your listing to around 250 words. This will give you room to properly describe your  house, but prevent you from getting too wordy. Include your headline into your total word count.  A real estate agent can guide you if you need help. 

Things to Remember

Spelling and grammar check

Stick to word count and include headline

Mention features, brands, and upgrades

Use creative words, avoid words buyers don’t like

A well-written listing is essential to the quick and efficient selling of your home. It will help your house stand out from others. Always ask for help from your real estate agent if you need it. Let Royal Canadian Realty help you write the listing of your life today. Contact us, and we will help get you on the way to selling your home in a winning style.