How to Help Your Agent

How to help your agent

Getting a real estate agent helps you tremendously when you are selling or buying a house, but have you wondered what you can do during this time? The answer is there are things you can do to help our agent. Royal Canadian Realty agents will do their best to help you, so why not take these suggestions and help the agent too.  

Recognize your Agent is an Expert:  Find a real estate agent from a trusted Realty like Royal Canadian Realty. They have the training and education that will be required for this situation.  Understand the agent’s job is to help sell your home or find the home of your dreams, so first impressions are important. Your agent knows how to prepare the house for viewing and will tell you if something like a carpet needs updating or if there are mismatched features. Your agent is the expert in selling houses and can give you the advice that will make your home sell faster. 

Choose One Smell: First, no smell is better than too many smells. The most desired situation is a simple, single smell, such as vanilla. Is smell important? Yes, it is. Your house will have collected many smells, dogs, kids, food cooked on the stove, and holiday dishes. You will need to get rid of all those smells before you sell your home. Strong smells can prove to be distracting to buyers, so clean your house and choose one smell. The smell of Vanilla, orange or lemon is highly desired and seems to have a wonderful effect on buyers. 

Give Clear Expectations:  Selling or buying a home is not the time to be shy. You will need to give your agent clear expectations and be willing to communicate. This is especially true if you need help understanding the documents and contracts you need to sign. If you need your real estate agent to drive you around, or if you want to know how your home is being marketed, you need to speak up and ask your agent. You can also set expectations on how you communicate, such as texting rather than calling or emailing.  Do you want regular check-in calls with your agent, or do you want him or her to call once a week? You need to tell your agent what you need. 

Be Reasonable: Remember that buying or selling a home will take time. Plan on the process taking months before you get to the end. Even the best-priced, best-smelling home will take time to find the right buyer. You will need to be patient and reasonable while the agent negotiates, and inspections are done. Be prepared to spend time signing documents. Offers will come, so trust your agent and trust the process. View All Houses For Sale

As you can see, there are simple things you can do to help your real estate agent. Those simple things can mean a lot to agents like those from Royal Canadian Realty. Let us help you with your buying and selling needs. Contact us today if you have any questions.