How to Communicate with your Real Estate Agent

How to Communicate with your Real Estate Agent copy

By knowing how to communicate with your agent, you will have a successful outcome whether you are selling or buying a home. At Royal Canadian Realty, our agents understand the importance of clear, caring, and experienced communication.

How do you communicate with your Real Estate agent?

Here are a few tips:

Choose an agent and deal only with that agent. It may seem like a simple thing, but it is important. If you find a home you like, call the agent you have signed with and no one else. Use the one you hired. By calling another agent, or the one that happens to be on the sign (unless it’s your agent) it could ruin the relationship you have built with your original agent, affecting communication and trust.

Be clear when communicating, no matter which way you choose. Let your agent know if you prefer email, phone calls, or even texts. Tell your agent how often you can call or meet. Make sure you have one way of communicating that the agent can use to get a hold of you at any time.

Be reasonable. If your agent is busy or has other clients, his or her time will have to be split between each of you. Ask for a timeframe when you need to hear back from your agent so you know when you should follow up.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or have things clarified. Understanding what is going on is essential to getting the best experience, and getting what you want. Offer feedback and suggestions when house-hunting and during viewings. Most of all, be honest.

Be clear when you state your new home wants and needs. Make a clear list and share it with your agent. He or she will appreciate the list as it will save, both you and the agent, time and money. You can view homes that interest you without sorting through the ones that don’t fit your list.

Maintain a good relationship with your Real Estate Agent by:

Communicate: Pick up the phone, send an email, or even text. Contact your agent when needed, but don’t overdo it. Ask the questions you need answers to, confirm details, but don’t call every day asking for an update.

Be willing to listen: Remember your agent is working hard and using training and experience to get the best rates and homes available. If your agent needs to talk to you about something, it’s important.

Be available: Even when you have things to do, be willing to fit time in for your real estate agent. Be flexible when it comes to appointment times, and work with your agent. Go see him or her when necessary.

Be Honest: By giving the correct information and answering questions honestly, you will save time and money. All needs and wants will be expressed and understood, so your agent won’t be looking for homes that won’t suit you.

With Royal Canadian Realty, you will be able to work with an agent who is focused on you and your home-owning or selling dreams. Contact us today.