Garden Tips to Sell Your Home

Garden Tips to Sell Your Home copy

A garden is a beautiful feature that many folks dream of having with a new home. If you are selling your home, you can’t forget to include your garden in your prep work. Ask realties, like Royal Canadian Realty, for advice on how to get your garden ready for a house viewing or listing photos. Let’s take a look at two simple ways to get your garden ready for a house sale.

Get it Clean

There are several things you can do to make your garden a selling feature. 

You will want to clean up your garden by weeding, especially around paths and decks. Wash those areas thoroughly to get rid of grime. A power washer often works fine. Fix any fences, gates, and pathway trim. You should paint or stain these things if needed.  You will want the fences to look their very best. To help your garden become a selling feature, you will want to trim all branches, hedges, and overgrown plants. Make sure what needs to be seen, can be seen. Potential buyers should be able to move around the yard and garden easily. Another thing you should do is to declutter your shed and yard. Get rid of anything that is faded, cracked, broken or leaning. Remove children’s toys, and move garbage bins to a hidden location. You can use trellises to tastefully hide any features you don’t want to be seen. Add decorative stones or statues to add character and atmosphere. Decorative stones can also add atmosphere, while keeping weeds away. Keep your lawn mowed and its edges straight and clean. Fake grass can be used for an instant fix if you need your lawn to look its best right away. 

After Your Garden is Clean, Set the Scene

Just like a house, your garden needs to be set up to be seen at its very best. 

Make clearly defined areas in your garden. There should be a place to relax, where you can have outdoor furniture, sofas, and places to rest. There should be a place to eat, and a place to entertain family and guests. Use or borrow a set of patio or outdoor furniture to set up to give potential buyers an idea of what the areas could look like. Repair old outdoor furniture and paint it so it looks fresh and new. Remember to look at your garden from inside your house, as well as outside the house. This will give you different views and you will be able to see if you are missing anything. Use potted plants to add colour, texture, and create spaces. Potted plants can be used when necessary to create a welcoming atmosphere. Hanging baskets always go well on porches. Fix up, or freshen up, sheds and garages with paint to give them a new look, and if you have a gazebo, set it up so it looks ready for use. 

You can see there are just a few simple things you can do to prep your garden. These tips will get your garden in top shape to sell. Contact Royal Canadian Realty for more ideas on preparing your garden to help sell your house. Our agents are waiting to help you today.