First Meeting Expectations

First Meeting Expectations

It is time to buy or sell your home and you’ve found a dependable Realty such as Royal Canadian Realty. You have set the first appointment with an agent and are eager to get going. Are there things to do to prepare for this first meeting? What should you expect? Let’s take a look at first meeting expectations with your real estate agent.


Being prepared is always a good idea. Before your first meeting with your real estate agent, read articles on home selling and buying, and on how to work with an agent. Create a checklist for buying or selling your house and for your agent. You want an agent with the following qualities:

Honesty: an agent must give an honest appraisal of your home. The agent must tell you if your desired price is too high or needs to be adjusted. 

Professionalism: An agent will know the current market and where to look for answers. 

Approachable: You should be able to ask as many questions to your agent as needed. 

A good communicator: Good agents keep in contact with their clients. An agent should be contacting you at least once a week. He or she should also be giving you ample notice if someone is coming to look at your home.

Have some ground rules set for the sale and remember to be open-minded and listen to your agent’s advice. Together, you can plan a marketing strategy or discuss home buying options. Remember to bring as much information as you can to the first meeting.

The First Meeting

When you get to your first meeting, remember to be ready to put in some effort. Your real estate agent will appreciate proactive home sellers or buyers who are ready to do their parts. 

Bring the following information: 

  • Have an idea of what your property is worth
  • List of all upgrades and improvements done to the house and when they were done
  • Any property disputes that could interfere with the sale
  • Any current property issues
  • Any by-law changes
  • If you are refinancing, know the minimum amount the house needs to sell for so it can be financed. Your Real Estate Agent can let you know if it is a realistic goal or not. 

What to Expect at the First Meeting

Finances will be high on the discussion list. If you are buying a house, especially if you are a first-time homebuyer, consider getting pre-approved. This will help you know how much you can spend and keep your house shopping in your price range. You will want to discuss what your dream home must have, and other things you would want it to have. Your “must have” and “want to have” lists are two different things, but your agent needs to know both. 

During the first meeting, decide on what your buying or selling timeline should be. Are you in a rush to sell? Do you need to buy by a certain date? Be prepared to listen to the Real Estate Agent, as he or she is a professional who has the knowledge and training to make your dreams become reality. 

With an agent from a friendly, dependable Realty like Royal Canadian Realty, you will be able to relax and enjoy buying or selling your home. You will be able to trust our agents to do their best and be there to answer any questions you may have. Contact us for more information today.