Benefits of Selling a House in the Fall

Benefits of Selling a House in the Fall copy

Autumn is coming. It’s time to sell.

The summer is drawing to a close, and realtors around the country have been busy. Perhaps you have been considering putting your house up for sale, or buying a new home, but are wondering if autumn is the best time to do it.  Isn’t Spring the best time? Don’t worry, with realties like Royal Canadian Realty, you can be sure you will be given the best options and opportunities this autumn has to offer.

So is buying or selling a home in the autumn a good idea? Are there any benefits to selling or buying a house during the autumn months? Let’s take a look.

Here are a few benefits buying or selling a home have in autumn:

Selling in the autumn gives you the summer to do all the exterior  work and renovations. SUmmer is great to do all the needed painting or rxing fences. These preparations will give you better curb appeal, and a higher selling price when you list the house in autumn.

Since many people like to sell homes in the spring, there will be less competition when autumn comes around. With less homes for sale, there are less options for buyers, making your home more in demand with a competitive price.

The housing market tends to slow down in the autumn. This is also when most  companies who have to move employees will do so. These homebuyers will most likely want to have a fast closing on your sale.

Autumn buyers are usually very serious buyers, and will want to move in between September and October. They will want to be settled before winter comes and snow begins to fall.  No one wants to move during the holidays either.

Autumn buyers tend to be millennials or empty-nesters. Empty-nesters want to downsize, and millennials want a place with potential, so autumn is a great time to sell a smaller house or condo, and it’s also a great time to promote your multi-bedroom house. If your house has multiple bedrooms, you can say it has an office, a TV room, and a nursery, as well as having a number of bedrooms.

Autumn sellers are more likely to negotiate and you may be able to find a great deal on a new home. The market is more flexible at this time, as sellers can get a little desperate near the end of the season.

So, as you can see, there are several benefits to selling or buying your home at this time. Whether you are buying or selling a home this autumn season, some good advice is to team up with a realtor you can trust. A realty will make your selling or buying experience a pleasurable memory.

 With Royal Canadian Realty, we guarantee you will have our agents undivided and dedicated attention. They will use their knowledge and experience to get you the best options this autumn season has to offer. Contact us today, and let your home-owning dream come to life.