Autumn Selling Tips

Autumn Selling Tips copy

Selling a home during the season of autumn requires some parts of the house to get some special attention. Everything from the yard, to the windows, fireplaces, air filters, and type of music to play, must be considered. 

The market in autumn can get pretty hot with everyone back from vacations, and children preparing or already back to school. Now is the perfect time to house shop and sell. Let your trusted realty, such as Royal Canadian Realty, be on your team. 

If you are looking to sell your house during the autumn season, here are a few tips to make sure you are successful. 


Create Ambiance: Play music to set the mood. Use autumn inspired colours, and have autumn themed treats. There is music written specifically for this season, so do some research and find your favourites. Accessorize your house with orange, gold, yellow, or red tones. Find an autumn themed quilt or throw to toss over your sofa or chair.  Pine cones and nuts are favourite accessories to set out. 

Clean Yards: Like all seasons, your front lawn needs to impress and have curb appeal. Make sure the leaves are raked and any unwanted vegetation is removed. Also make sure windows, paths, and doorways are cleared from grasses and branches. Remove dead flowers and vines. Potted flowers like marigolds and mums are available in autumn colours, and last a long time. Yellow is a favourite colour for selling houses. Pumpkins and squash are a nice touch. 

Clean Windows and HVAC: Wash windows inside and outside. Remove all smudges, dust, finger prints, and nose prints from the windows. Remember to clean the screens, and change the HVAC filter. It will make the air fresher and cleaner. 

Take care of the Fireplace and Bathrooms:  Light your gas fireplace before every showing. It creates an incredible ambiance. Make sure all of your fireplaces are vacuumed and washed. The same goes for every bathroom in your house. Make them shine. Get rid of marks in the shower and in the sink. Look for mildew stains and remove them. If the shower curtain looks old or dirty, replace it. 

Lights, let them shine: Since the days are getting shorter in autumn, you want your house to look inviting and warm. Turn on all of your lights, and let the house glow. Even turn on your closet lights and make sure there isn’t a dark spot in the house. Show how bright your house can be, and open all the curtains and blinds. 

With the above tips, your house will stand out from the rest this autumn season. By following the tips, you will be able to prepare your home and yard to its very best. Remember to team up with a realty who cares about you and your house. 

Royal Canadian Realty is ready, with helpful agents who are dedicated to helping you find the home of your dreams, or sell your home to create new dreams. Call us today, and see what we can do for you. Your new home is just a phone call away.